If you’ve been following me. I’m sorry. I haven’t posted in MONTHS! I’m really bad at this. I’ve been busy, but starting right now I’m committing to 1 post a day until I’m all caught up.

    I’ll start with this Iron & Wine silk-screen show poster. I am really happy with this piece.  It was printed by Fugscreens in Chicago. This one, together with my Bonnie Prince Billy and My Morning Jacket posters, completes the Indie-Beards trilogy I’ve been working toward. I went to the NYC show and was surprised to see Marketa Irglova joining Califone as the backing band. What a great performance!

    Last night Iron & Wine put the poster up on Facebook and a few of you contacted me about purchasing the print. Unfortunately I do not have any for sale at the moment.

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    If only I could go to this
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    Design Perfection - Love this screen print! The detail is amazing. Very jealous. See what the designer himself has to...
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    Grady McFerrin I’d love to get my grubby paws on one of these
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