1. Anniversary Tees

    Here’s a few shirts I designed to commemorate year 6 and 7 of Canyon Market’s life in SF.


    In 2006 I developed some lettering and signage for Canyon Market in San Francisco. They opened a year later, a huge success. Last year they asked me to revisit the artwork and apply it to a few in-store items - bread bags, tote bags, wine bottles, etc. Here’s a few of my favorites from that whole affair.


    Dust jacket for a Young Adult novel commissioned by Dominica Clements at Random House UK.


    In a recent effort to tidy up ye-olde desktop, I came across a few bygone projects that seemed worthy to post here. Yay! I’ll start with this one - the second installment in Lesley Blume’s Let’s Bring Back series, a compendium of  barroom wisdom, colorful cocktail history, and 144 long-forgotten drink recipes, beautifully designed by Emily Dubin at Chronicle Books.

  5. CITY & SEA

    A logo and a header for a friend’s online store.


    Mixed media (mostly cardboard and tape).


    Just FYI- this is how awesome my Ape Do Good T-shirt looks when you’ve got sweet tattoos on your arms. Get it here!


    This book is a wonderful collection of short stories for young adults. I had the pleasure to work with Neil Swaab on this Little Brown title. He posted the final jacket on his site. Here is an alternate color detail and an early draft that I really liked. Illustrated and hand-lettered by yours truly.


    Laura Veirs is a Portland-based singer-songwriter who asked me to design her latest record, Warp and Weft, which she just released on her own Raven Marching Band label. I was super excited to hear from her!  I’ve been a huge Laura Veirs fan since first hearing Carbon Glacier, back in 2004.

    Her music definitely has one foot in the folk tradition, so I really wanted to bring in some American folk motifs. I sent her lots of quilt-themed concepts that felt super crafty, but we both felt like the mood of this album was so much broader than that. Themes on the album shift dramatically from warm and optimistic to dark and melancholic.

    One of the songs, Sadako Folding Cranes, really seemed to embody the complex tone of the album - with it’s brooding minor chords woven into it’s hopeful message heard in the chorus “This is our cry, this is our prayer.” Sadako is the true story of a Japanese a girl who was dying from radiation poisoning after the bombing of Hiroshima. Sadako was inspired by a legend to fold 1,000 origami cranes in hopes that she would be granted a wish by the gods.

    I made a few paper cranes while listening to Laura’s rough mix last spring, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then, as I UNFOLDED one crane, I noticed the elaborate and beautiful design left by the creases I had made in the paper. I knew at that moment, we had to incorporate an UNFOLDED paper crane motif into the album art. The rest is history. Laura decided to include a large piece of origami paper (designed by me!) in the packaging in hopes that her fans will start folding cranes. In return, Laura will donate on their behalf to The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

  10. NEW TEE!

    Anthony Skirvin is a long-time friend and collaborator who runs a first-rate little silkscreen shop in  San Francisco called APE DO GOOD. He’s done some amazing things for me over the years. I designed this T-shirt for him. I believe it will be sold in his online store soon. More on that later.